Cancel your storage downgrade for the next plan year

If you downgraded your iCloud storage plan for the next plan year, but now you need additional storage, you can cancel the downgrade.

On your iOS device

  1. Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup, then tap Change Storage Plan.

  2. Tap Downgrade Options, tap to put a checkmark beside your current plan, then tap Done.

  3. Tap Confirm in the dialog that appears.

On your Mac

  1. Open iCloud preferences, then click Manage.

  2. Click Change Storage Plan (in the upper right).

  3. Click Downgrade Options, then enter your Apple ID password.

  4. Click to select your current plan (so that a checkmark appears), then click Done.

On your Windows computer

  1. Open the iCloud Control Panel, then click Manage.

  2. Click Change Storage Plan, then click Downgrade Options.

  3. Select your current plan, then click Done.