Read email

You can read your iCloud Mail messages using a web browser on any Mac or Windows computer that is connected to the Internet. For recommended browsers, see the Apple Support article iCloud: System requirements.

iCloud Mail automatically checks for new messages and puts them in your Inbox.

Note: If you want your iCloud email to appear on your devices, they must have the iCloud Mail feature turned on. For more information, see Set up iCloud Mail on your devices.

Read your iCloud Mail using a web browser

  • In iCloud Mail, click Inbox, then do one of the following:

    • To read an email message, select the message in your message list.

    • To open an email message in a new window, double-click it in the message list.

In your message list, messages are labeled with the following icons:

  • Dot  : A message is unread.

  • Paper clip  : A message contains an attachment.

  • Curved arrow  : A message that you replied to (or replied to and forwarded).

  • Right arrow  : A message that you forwarded.

  • Flag  : A message that you flagged. For more information, see Flag messages.

  • Star  : A message sent by a VIP. For more information, see Make a sender a VIP.

  • Junk  : A message marked as junk mail. For more information, see Manage junk mail.

Change how your emails appear

Do any of the following:

  • To change the email window’s appearance, click the Switch View button above the message list to toggle between one of the following options:

    • Widescreen (three-column)

    • Compact (two-column)

      In Compact view, you can navigate to your mail folders by clicking the disclosure arrow above the message list.

      Compact View window with folders displayed
  • To control whether or not HTML images are loaded automatically when a message is viewed, choose Preferences from the Action pop-up menu in the sidebar. In the General pane, select “Load images in HTML messages,” then click Done.

    When “Load images in HTML messages” isn’t selected, you need to click Load Images to view the images in a message.

You can also modify other aspects of how your emails appear in iCloud Mail preferences. Choose Preferences from the Action pop-up menu .