Set up iCloud on your devices

Before you can use iCloud on each of your devices, you need to sign in to iCloud using your existing Apple ID or a new one, then turn on the iCloud features you want to use.

You may have set up iCloud on your iOS device or Mac when you first used it. To make sure it’s set up correctly, or to set up your iCloud account on another iOS device, computer, or Apple TV, go to the set up iCloud website listed below.

Important: Be sure to use the same Apple ID when you set up iCloud on each device.

Set up iCloud on your iOS devices and computers

You can turn iCloud features on or off after setting up iCloud.

After you set up your devices, iCloud begins to push information to each device. You can also now sign in to and start using the iCloud web apps.

For more information about other iCloud features, see More resources.