If your documents and data aren’t the same everywhere

If your documents and data in iCloud aren’t the same on all your devices, you can reset your iCloud documents and data for all apps. When you reset iCloud documents and data, your documents and data aren’t deleted and document changes made on your devices aren’t affected.

Reset documents and data stored in iCloud

  1. If you have documents stored in iCloud open on any devices, stop editing the documents, then save and close them.

  2. While signed in to iCloud.com, click your account name at the top of the iCloud.com window, then choose Account Settings.

  3. Click Advanced, click Reset Documents & Data, then click Reset Documents and Data.

  4. Click Reset, then wait for the reset process to finish.

  5. When prompted to restart your devices, shut down all your devices that are set up for iCloud Documents & Data, then start up your devices again.

For more information, see the Apple Support article iCloud: Troubleshooting Documents in the Cloud