Edit a contact

In iCloud Contacts, after you create a contact, you can edit it at any time. You can add or delete fields for default information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, and you can add fields for additional information, such as a birthday, nickname, spouse’s name, and so on.

Edit a contact

  1. In the contacts list, select the contact you want to edit, then click Edit at the top of the contact card.

  2. To edit contact information, do any of the following:

    • To update existing information, select the text in any field and enter new text.

      If you change the country, the other address fields change to fit the address format of the new country. This feature allows you to create contacts with address layouts that are different from the default layout you specified in Contacts preferences.

    • To delete a field, click the Delete button to the left of the field on the contact card.

    • To add a field of a type already on the contact card, enter information in the blank field below other fields of the same type.

      If the type of field you want to add doesn’t already have a blank field, click Add [type of field].

      For example, to add a new phone number, enter it in the blank phone number field. To add a new street address, click Add New Address.

    • To add a type of field not currently included on the contact card, click Add Field near the bottom of the contact card , then choose an option from the pop-up menu.

      The menu lists all available field types. Those with at least one value already defined for the current contact are dimmed and can’t be chosen.

    • To change a field’s label, click the label, then choose a new label from the menu.

    • To create your own label, click the label, choose Custom, type a name in the field that appears, then click outside of the field or press Return.

  3. Click Done.