Add a new contact

Create a new contact

  1. In Contacts, click the Add button in the sidebar, then choose New Contact.

    A blank contact card appears.

  2. Type information for the contact, then add a photo if you want.

  3. Click Done.

Add a contact from iCloud Mail

When you use iCloud Mail to read your email, you can easily add the email address of the sender or any CC’d recipients to a new contact in iCloud Contacts.

  • In iCloud Mail, click the sender’s or recipient’s name or email address in the header of the message you’re viewing, enter information for the contact, then click Save.

    You can enter the contact’s name and company, and choose the type of email address. You can also make the contact a VIP. Mail shows VIP status, but Contacts doesn’t.

Contacts are sorted and displayed according to the sort preferences you set in iCloud Contacts preferences.