Set an alert for events

An alert is a message reminding you of an upcoming event deadline.

To receive an alert from the iCloud Calendar web app, you need to be signed in to when the alert goes off. If you’re not signed in to, you can still receive alerts on any device that has the iCloud Calendar feature turned on.

Set an alert for an event

  1. Double-click the event to which you want to add an alert.

  2. Choose an option from the “alert” pop-up menu.

    To have the alert appear when the event begins, choose “On date of.”

  3. To add a second alert, choose an option from the “2nd alert” pop-up menu.

  4. Click OK.

Remove an alert from an event

  • Open the event with the alert you want to remove, choose None from the “alert” pop-up menu, then click OK.

If you’re not receiving alerts

Check the following:

  • Double-click the event to make sure you set an alert for that item.

  • If you want to receive the alert from iCloud Calendar, make sure you’re signed in to when the alert is set to go off.