Invite people to an event

You can invite people to any event you create and keep track of their responses. You can also update event invitations at any time and send revised notifications to invitees via email.

Invite people to an event

  1. Double-click an event in a calendar.

  2. Type an email address in the “invitees” field (or multiple addresses separated by commas).

    Email addresses that are already in your iCloud contacts are automatically completed as you type; to choose a selected email address, press the Return key.

    Add Invitees field in New Event window
  3. Click OK.

Add, edit, or delete invitees

  1. Double-click the event.

  2. In the event window, do any of the following:

    • To invite someone new to the event, type one or more email addresses in the Invitees field.

    • To change someone’s email address, move your pointer over the invitee’s name, then click the downward-facing arrow to the right of the name. Choose Edit from the menu, then edit the email address.

    • To delete an invitee, move your pointer over the invitee’s name, click the downward-facing arrow to the right of the name, then choose Remove.

If you add or change an email address, an invitation is sent to that address when you click Send.

Track responses to event invitations

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Notification Center button below the calendar.

    Notifications button
  • Double-click the event.

    Each person’s reply status is represented by a symbol to the left of his or her name.

    • A green checkmark means the invitee has accepted.

    • A red “X” means the invitee has declined.

    • A yellow question mark means the invitee might accept.

    • A gray question mark means an invitation was sent, but the invitee hasn’t yet responded.

Note: If you delete a notification, you can still track responses by double-clicking the event.

Each invitee receives a calendar notification and can respond to the invitation using the Accept, Decline, and Maybe buttons.