Customize the calendar view

You can choose how a calendar is displayed or view specific parts of a calendar (for example, a specific day or the entire month).

Ways to change the calendar view

  • To show or hide calendars, select or deselect them in the sidebar.

  • To show or hide the sidebar, click the Calendar List button below the calendar.

  • To view one day, week, or month at a time, click Day, Week, or Month below the calendar.

  • To change the viewable time period, click the arrows on either side of the date above the calendar.

  • To go to a specific date, choose “Go to Date” from the Action pop-up menu , type or select a date, and click OK.

  • To go to the current day (if it’s not visible), click “Go to today” below the calendar.

  • To change the order of calendars in the sidebar, drag them up or down in the list. You can’t drag calendars outside the section they’re in.

If the calendar is shared, the calendar view you choose applies only to your view of the calendar, not to anyone else’s view.