Change a calendar’s name or color

You can edit a calendar’s name and color at any time. (Though you can’t rename the Birthdays calendar.)

When you change a calendar’s color, all events associated with that calendar change to the new color.

Note: Calendar name and color changes you make appear on every device that has the iCloud Calendar feature turned on. You can’t change the name or color of the Birthdays calendar.

Change a calendar’s name or color

  1. Click Edit below the sidebar.

  2. Do either of the following:

    • To change a calendar’s name, double-click the calendar’s name and type a new name.

    • To change a calendar’s color, click the Color button next to the calendar’s name, then choose a color.

      The calendar color button in the calendar list

The name and color changes you make are visible immediately in all the places you view this calendar (for example, in iCloud Calendar; in Calendar (or iCal in OS X v10.7.5) on your Mac; or in the Calendar app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch).

Color changes you make to an iCloud calendar aren’t visible in Microsoft Outlook.