iCloud basics
If your documents and data aren’t the same everywhere, Change your iCloud password, Change the language or time zone, Change iCloud feature settings, Change apps, Trouble signing in, Use iCloud.com, Set up iCloud, What is iCloud?.

Keyboard shortcuts, Print email, Manage email storage, Organize and find mail, Receive and view email, Write and send email, Use email aliases, Set up iCloud Mail, Overview.

Archive your contacts, Map a contact’s address, Send email from Contacts, Organize contacts, Create and edit contacts, Overview.

If you’re not receiving notifications, Share calendars, Create and edit events, Create and edit calendars, Overview.

Email notes, Search notes, Edit and delete notes, Write and read notes, Overview.

Search reminders, Unsubscribe to a shared reminder list, Reply to a shared reminder list invitation, Share a reminder list, Mark a reminder as completed or not completed, Move a reminder to another list, Create, edit, and delete reminders, Add and delete reminder lists, Overview.

My Photo Stream, iCloud Photo Sharing, Overview.

Find My iPhone
Remove, Activation Lock, Erase, Use Lost Mode, Play a sound, Locate, Set up, Overview.




Storage and Backup
Change your payment information, Change your storage plan, Manage your iCloud storage, Restore your iOS device, Back up your iOS device, Overview.

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